Friction Investigation

In science we explored how different surfaces have different amounts of friction.  We rolled a toy car down a ramp and measured how far it rolled.  We found out that if the surface was smooth there was less friction and the car rolled further.  If the surface was rough the car didn’t roll as far because there is more friction.



In groups, we dramatized different stories from the bible, such as Daniel and the Lion and Noah’s Ark.  We recognised how these people all demonstrated good leadership qualities.

PE with Reception

As part of our Health Week activities, we invented our own games.  We then invited the reception children to come and play our games.  We had a great time teaching them the rules and showing them what to do and they really enjoyed being on the field with ‘the big children’.



As part of our health week activities, we took part in a fencing work shop with Dale. We had to wear heavy masks to protect our face and head and used special swords called foils. We played lots of different fun games and learned some new skills and techniques.


As part of our health week activities, we had a taekwondo lesson with Sabum Jason.  We learned how to kick and punch correctly.  We found out that martial arts are a really good way of keeping fit as we were all very tired after the session.

All Aboard!

We looked at the different jobs sailors had to do on board Columbus’ ship. Thomas, Rylee-Mae and Georgia imagined what it would be like to pump bilge water, clean the ship and check the ropes. We worked in groups to infer information about different jobs, annotating pictures with our ideas. We will use this information to help us write a non-chronological report.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

To start our new them, Plane, Trains and automobiles, we designed and started to make our own model vehicles.  We had to measure the wood accurately and then used bench hooks and saws carefully to cut the wood to the required lengths.  We then glued to pieces together and used card triangles to strengthen the structure.  We are going to continue working on our vehicles over the next few weeks.



Artists at work

During art week we worked with Roz, a local artist.  We used printing techniques to create Australian pictures.  Roz has taken our work so she can create some wonderful art, along with printings of the other continents, made by the others classes.  we can’t wait to see the finished product.